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Marathon 4x15 @ Musical Theatre Factory

Monet played RUTH in a 15-minute presentation of the new musical MARATHON -

Book by Hunter Bird & Vinny Stodder

Music & Lyrics by Vinny Stodder

Directed by Hunter Bird


In 1929, before the Stock market crash, a woman named Gladys enters the first dance marathon (where a couple dances for as long as they can with only 15 minutes of sleep every few hours) to hit Seattle in pursuit of winning the prize money and getting custody of her 7 year old son back from her ex husband. She is paired with a WWI PTSD War Vet, Russell in the competition. However, as they become closer and as a pair prove to be resilient against the other contestants, the physical strains and exhaustion from lack of sleep begins to weigh on Russell's mental stability. Alongside them there is the newlyweds Harry and Minnie, the middle aged couple Pete and Ruth, and a couple of showy ringers Floyd and Florence who are planted in the marathon to cause friction.


Musical Theatre Factory is a volunteer-based nonprofit organization dedicated to helping musical theatre artists develop and present new work in a collaborative atmosphere free from the pressures of critical or commercial success. Since opening our doors in the Spring of 2014 we have supported the development of more than 70 new musicals, enlisting the participation of nearly 900 volunteers!


In our 4x15 Series, we showcase four new shows by up-and-coming writers in four 15-minute staged presentations. Each creative team has 5 hours to workshop the strongest (or most troublesome) excerpt of their piece with a cast of MTF volunteer performers. The 15-minute selections are presented together before a public audience and a panel of industry professionals.

Read more about the event here:

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